Kitchen Creations

This week the children took part in one of their favourite activities…Enterprise. In teams, their task was to design a ‘state of the art’ kitchen for a new customer. They had to work collaboratively to come up with a company name, assign job roles, complete a floor plan, decorate and assemble the kitchen (flat pack card of course!) and finally prepare and present a marketing presentation to advertise and promote their company. What a fantastic job they did!


New Brighton

Year 6 won the attendance prize which was a trip to the bowling alley in New Brighton. The children had such a lovely day…walks on the beach, (although it was a bit windy!) bowling and lunch, spending their pennies in the arcade followed by a visit to the candy shop!



Our young Apprentices

Year 6 have taken over the roles of teachers, assistants and mentors this week. Their duties have included; supporting learning with groups of children; reading stories in class; one-on-one reading with children; tidying, organising and filing; photocopying and laminating. Class teachers have marked them on attendance and punctuality, and how they adhere to the school code of conduct. They have helped themselves to tea and biscuits (in their own private staff room!) and have had a lot of fun fulfilling their duties – perhaps a little too much fun!